Marathon running


It’s a bit late for me to make my first posting about running.  Last year I started training for the Frankfurt marathon, and completed the marathon (3:43.36) on 26 October.

I hadn’t planned entering the marathon, but was cornered by two friends at Liz Powell’s birthday BBQ party who had signed up that day and suggested I join them.  Being rather out of shape after having recently completed my MBA I decided that it was indeed the right thing to do (the few beers I’d had that evening already helped with the decision making …).

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IPTV (or Internet Protocol Television) should, in my view, be the next major milestone in social habits and consumer choice.  Joost, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, youTube and Vimeo all offer online video (as well as others) but there is still so much potential for media organisations to open up their catalogues of existing material to worldwide audiences and extract value from individual consumer purchases.

Consumers are still generally treated on a regional basis due to media organisations attempts to control their market and resist new entrants (yes, I believe this to be anti-competitive).

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Traffic! Already?!

I’ve barely begun to build the site, and I’ve just seen that I’ve already got traffic.  This puts me under some pressure to provide some half/decent content.  I apologize if you arrived and were disappointed to find things like “test” and “Hello world!” (from WordPress), and half completed pages …

More will follow later – first I have to think of a theme.  Furthermore, this blog is not my top priority (in fact it comes quite low down the list after family, work, sleep, …).

Test page for new blog

Here it is.  Test page for a new blog.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!