Personal uncertainty in turbulent times

Is personal uncertainty getting to you?

Is personal uncertainty getting to you?

I recently gave a speech at a training event that we ran in Prague. Here I set out an abbreviated version of the speech, shortening in particular the discussion around my own project experiences in the current market place and my clients.

Current economic turmoil is causing large shifts in power, and corporate uncertainty. This is well documented by the media. What is perhaps less obvious is that this can also cause personal uncertainty in our employees. We discuss what we need to do to be more effective, more efficient, more active in the market place, but we don’t seem to discuss the fears and worries of our employees, which are so often not voiced (but sometimes acted on), and how we can ease those fears and worries.

I set out below five thought/suggestions on how to deal with these concerns. They are my personal opinions, and what works for you might might be different. You may disagree with my views, but they may help you think of your own potential solutions. Most of all, I don’t intend to preach, but simply start a discussion.

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