Does the TW in TWitter stand for Two Wheels?

July 4-26, 2009

July 4-26, 2009

Tour de France (cycling) is perhaps the first sporting event ever where fans can receive personal updates during the race (or at least in between stages) from the competitors.  Many of the riders are tweeting, as well as some former Tour de France riders, and other current and former cycling professionals with views on the race.

This creates an intriguing banter between riders, insghts into what riders get up to between on-the-bike time, behind the scenes events (eg, Ben Stiller hanging our with Astana team, including a very funny video where Ben thinks it’s cool to try out Lance Armstrong’s TT bike), and the riders own assessment of their performances and those of their team colleagues and competitors.

Riders that are active on Twitter include:

Lance Armstrong (Astana) – Probably the most active, and with the most followers.

Levi Leipheimer (Astana)

Christian Vande Velde (Garmin – Slipstream)

Bradley Wiggins (Garmin – Slipstream)

George Hincapie (Columbia/Highroad)

Michael Rogers (Columbia/Highroad)

Greg Henderson (Columbia/Highroad)

Mark Renshaw (Columbia/Highroad)

Brett Daniel Lancaster (Cervelo Test Team)

Cadel Evans (Silence-Lotto)

Charles Wegelius (Silence-Lotto)

Carlos Sastre (Cervelo Test Team) – is this legit ???? no updates at time of writing …

Alberto Contador (Astana) – is this legit ???? no updates at time of writing …

Also worth following on twitter, for their views on the race, but not participating in the race this year:

Chris Boardman (legend, and former Tour de France cyclist)

Chris Horner (the Astana team member, who sadly isn’t, aka ‘the third Amigo’ per Levi) – see here also

Cathwiggins (Bradley Wiggin’s wife, providing tweets mid-race)

tdf_updates (official Le Tour updates)

tourfrance (Yahoo sponsored Tour de France updates)

Paul Sherwen

Team Columbia-HTC (Team Columbia/Highroad

Simon Gerrans (Professional Cervelo Test Team)

Robbie McEwen

Ivan Basso

Full list of riders and teams is here.

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