The best ways to keep informed of new blog posts

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So, you like what you see, but the internet is simply too large and you have too little time to keep coming back to see what’s new (if anything)?

There are better ways to follow blog postings than to have to keep re-visiting the blog’s website address:

  1. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) – funnily, this seems to scare/confuse a lot of people, but it’s actually really simple. RSS really is the best way for you to keep informed of new blog posts – every time there is a new post, your RSS feed will ping in the same way that an email account does when you receive an email. You can easily build RSS feeds into Mail (on the Mac) and Internet Explorer (on Windows). Then, all you need to do is click the RSS button at the top of the screen, follow the instructions, and wait for the next blog post. One word of caution – just like when you add favourites when browsing with internet explorer, safari, etc., you need to be cautious of not having too many separate RSS feeds to follow (otherwise you’ll simply not manage to keep up with everything).
  2. Twitter – follow me on Twitter and you will always know when I upload a new post.  At the moment I’m not announcing new blog posts on facebook, but maybe I will do this eventually also. Twitter is a very effective way to announce new blog posts, since it has the potential to be ‘retweeted’, possibly resulting in a cascade of traffic coming to your blog (whereas RSS only reaches those who know of the blog already and have registered for the RSS feed).
  3. Email – some blogs (not yet mine) allow you to submit an email address which will then ensure that you receive an email every time a new blog post is uploaded (with either the blog post included in the email, or a link to the blog post).  Comment on this post if you think it’s something that I should add.

Failing all that, just drop by once in a while, but don’t be surprised if things have changed or moved on a bit since your last visit:

How do you keep informed of new blog posts?

5 Responses

  1. I find the RSS feeder inbuilt into Mac Mail indeed very simple and slick. Just like for my inbox I see the number of unread RSS feeds at a glance. No need to go looking or to run a separate app.

    If I comment on a blog of yours then I can tick the box to be informed about any further comments on your blog. That works well too.

  2. I’ve now added an email address subscription option – click on the “Subscribe to Matt Benson’s Musings by email” link above my ‘Twitter Updates’ (on the left, near the top of the screen).

  3. Here’s a very clear instruction how to add Feedburner to a WordPress blog (so that you can set up ’email subscriptions’):

  4. […] is to follow the companies’ twitter streams, or subscribe to an RSS feed (see my post ‘The best ways to keep informed of new blog posts‘ for further details on how to use […]

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