Captain Groovy and his Bubblegum Army (1969)

YouTube video courtesy of ‘mistermadness1’

From yesterday evening’s little jaunt down to Dreikönigskeller in Frankfurt: Captain Groovy and his Bubblegum Army.

Written by Sal Trimachi and Ritchie Cordell, it was originally intended to be the soundtrack to a cartoon series titled ‘Captain Groovy And His Bubble Gum Army’, but it never got off the ground. Joey Levine, lead singer of The Ohio Express, provides vocals on the record.

This led me to reading about a genre of music, Bubblegum pop (isn’t Wikipedia wonderful?!) – lots of references to Super K Productions team of Kasenetz and Katz, who were also behind Ohio Express’ and Captain Groovy’s exploits.

And to finish, something else from Captain Groov et al, with some nifty psychedelic graphics added to the YouTube vid:

YouTube video courtesy of ‘scrambledheadz’

Bubblegum March (Or Blowing Bubbles Through Rose Colored Glasses) 1969

Other sources of info:

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