An amazing (“amaz[on]ing”) customer service experience

This morning (Sunday morning, ca. 7.30am my time, middle of the night in the U.S.A.), I went onto‘s website, to follow up on a question that I had about my Kindle (an eBook reader device that I had purchased from The process was slightly different to what I was expecting, and also different to what I had experienced with Amazon in the past. More to the point, it left me quite amazed – I’ve never experienced such a high quality customer service response before.

In the past I remember even struggling to find a telephone number or email address on the Amazon site, in order to contact them with a customer service matter. While I found a telephone number this time,  I turned out that I didn’t need it; Amazon called me.

Let me roughly talk you through the process:

  1. Click the ‘support’ button on the site
  2. Choose a topic from a drop-down menu, with ca. 8-10 different options
  3. Choose ‘Send us an email’ or ‘Call us (recommended option)’ (I chose the latter)
  4. Choose from options to click ‘Call me now’ or ‘Call me in 5 minutes’ (I chose ‘call me now’ – after entering my home phone number, my phone started ringing ca. 10-15 seconds later)

On answering the phone, there was a dialing tone for approximately 5-10 seconds, after which I was speaking to a customer service representative (from there on, the experience was still excellent, but nothing particularly unusual).

Note, in step 4 there were also telephone numbers which one could call, if you preferred to call Amazon, instead of have them call you, but this would seem to be largely redundant given the “Call me” option.

For me, highlights of the above were:

  • Company called me, not made me dial an automated line (and no telephone costs for me)
  • Close to immediate response – no sitting on hold, wasting my time waiting to be connected to the next available customer representative
  • Very transparent, simple process – integration of web, phone and personal communication, and simple, logical steps to focus discussion on relevant issue

Perhaps this is something other companies can learn from – it certainly endears me to Amazon, making me more inclined to buy from them, instead of other retailers (who have less friendly or less convenient customer service), in future.

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  1. ps. Thank you Amazon!

  2. […] this point I’d like to refer back to my amazing customer care experience with Amazon (“An amazing (“amaz[on]ing”) customer service experience” ) – I still talk about it being a standard for others to aspire to, but I’m also […]

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