Codecademy / Code Year (2012)

I’ve recently been following Codecademy‘s ‘Code Year’ project:

Code Year is a series of weekly emails, starting at the beginning of 2012, which support (but are not necessarily exclusive to) people who have made new year’s resolutions to learn (at least the basics) how to ‘code’ (when I was at school, in the UK, we used to refer to this as programming, which I assume/understand to be broadly the same), starting with JavaScript.

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Timelapse Frankfurt, by ‘ALPHAPIXELS’

In a similar vein to a previous post, Frankfurt/Main by ‘shootingnik’, I recently came across this excellent timelapse video by @alphapixels, which I like, and wanted to share – again, I think it’s a great ‘advert’ for Frankfurt, highlighting its diversity and beauty, and the v ideo visits a number of Frankfurt’s key landmarks:

“Timelapse from our beautiful city Frankfurt am Main.

Shot by Canon 5D Mark ll 24-70 f2.8 L and some (Nikon) Stuff…

watch in 720P HD”

Tristan Rösler

Music: Down To The Cellar — Dredg

Considering differences between forecast predictions and scenarios

Photo courtesy of ©

Apple has announced that it will shortly hold a special media event, regarding a development in their business model (such events seem to be partly for benefit of consumers, shareholders, suppliers, etc. as well as, seemingly, laying down a challenge to their competitors) – per AppleInsider:

Apple on Wednesday sent out invitations for a special event next week on Jan. 19 in New York City, where it has promised an “education announcement in the Big Apple.”

This announcement has resulted in increased speculation (there was already plenty of speculation before the announcement) of Apple’s potential future success.

Based on the rumors of the forthcoming event, many are predicting that Apple will now take over the text book industry, and some going as far even as saying that Apple will in future dominate the publishing industry.

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