Jolly Pilgrim; jolly good read

The Jolly PilgrimImage courtesy of

I’m just off the back of finishing reading ‘The Jolly Pilgrim’, by Peter Baker, and since I’ve enjoyed reading it, I thought I’d write a short review of it, and share some reflections.

The book is a mixture of travel diary / journal / writings (London, Istanbul, Australia, India, Latin America, and some places in between), and broader reflections / musings on life, “who we are”, and where humanity is heading.

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Financial downturns, plane crashes, and train wrecks

Image “Panic of 1873 bank run”, Illus. in: Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, 1873 Oct. 4, p. 67. – see Wikipedia for further details

Tim Harford, wrote a great blog post today, “Time to bring in the crash investigators”, which opened as follows:

The NTSB is capable of providing a clear and authoritative narrative, explanations and conclusions about the crisis

After a financial train wreck, it’s time to begin to learn lessons from the disaster and prevent its recurrence.

I found that the blog post led me to a number of further thoughts around this topic, which I have set out below.

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ARCHIVE: My favorite blogs

When I first set up my blog, I included a number of ‘pages’ (the grean ‘tabs’ along the top of the screen) – some of those pages need updating (I’ll try to get around to that at some point).

I’ve decided that others, like the post about my favorite blogs, simply need to be deleted (or at least archived, then removed as a page).  So, the article, as it was originally posted (18 April 2009), is below.

In this particular case, regarding favorite blogs, I’ve found that I come across so many new blogs that I like to follow, and older ones that I have followed are in the meantime (in some cases, not all) no longer of such interest to me (either my interests have developed, or the blog itself has changed, or become stale). Nevertheless, not to detract from the blogs listed below – they all had a helped influence my own blog.
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