ARCHIVE: My favorite blogs

When I first set up my blog, I included a number of ‘pages’ (the grean ‘tabs’ along the top of the screen) – some of those pages need updating (I’ll try to get around to that at some point).

I’ve decided that others, like the post about my favorite blogs, simply need to be deleted (or at least archived, then removed as a page).  So, the article, as it was originally posted (18 April 2009), is below.

In this particular case, regarding favorite blogs, I’ve found that I come across so many new blogs that I like to follow, and older ones that I have followed are in the meantime (in some cases, not all) no longer of such interest to me (either my interests have developed, or the blog itself has changed, or become stale). Nevertheless, not to detract from the blogs listed below – they all had a helped influence my own blog.


Michael Hyatt

Michael is the Chief Executive Officer of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Christian publishing company in the world and the seventh largest trade book publishing company in the U.S.  Michael is an early and enthusiastic adopter of social media.  Not all may agree with his views on the value of Twitter, etc. but he is a keen supporter of it and provides helpful tips for others thinking of entering the social media world.  His blogs, which are updated regularly, include his thoughts on a variety of topics: Blogging, Books, Communication, Fitness, Leadership, Life Balance, Productivity, Publishing, Technology, Thomas Nelson, World Events and Your Job.


Andrew’s blog is something I came across when setting up my blog – seems to be well organised and perhaps something I can use for some inspiration (knowing that it is WordPress based and therefore feasible with the software currently available to me).  Also an interesting blog.

Normal Everyday Things

If you’re into Baseball, and more importantly, the RedSox, you’ll be among friends here, but this blog is so much more than that. Written in the way that all bloggers would like to be able to write, this blog has passion and emotion in abundance, while promoting solid values, and being interesting read at the same time.  Keep it up Kristen.

The grateful project

Something that came from a tree (an olive tree?) with tags hanging off it, each one with an inscription of something to be grateful for. Brilliantly simple.  Reflective. Relaxing.


Fred Wilson is a venture capitalist (“VC”) and principal of Union Square Ventures.  His fund was one of the investors in Twitter.  He tends to blog about technology, social media, business and venture capital investing.  Topics that interest me.  He’s also a seemingly down-to-earth character (father, interested in music, art, yoga, biking, skiing, and golf).


Robert Scoble (@scogleizer) is THE geek on the internet. If you want to be be first (well, second, after Robert) to discover new trends, new apps, the next trend, etc. then follow Robert. Light hearted, opinionated, open, and selfless.  The blog is updated occasionally, but if you want a more real-time experience, follow him on Twitter.

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