What’s going on? [July 2012]

Some things that I’m reading, following, or that simply ‘resonate’ with me right now:

  1. Quora (a social ‘Question and Answer’ platform)
  2. The ‘Higgs Boson’ discovery

More on these via the link below. I’ll probably post a few more of these, as an abbreviated blog post alternative (and instead a ‘full’ post for more specific topics when I want to go into more depth).

 1) Quora (a social ‘Question and Answer’ platform)

I’m currently finding Quora to be a great platform for sharing knowledge, interesting discussion, etc. It is a great addition to Wikipedia (itself perhaps the “grandfather of knowledge” on the internet) – the main difference being that Wikipedia is mainly ‘factual’ whereas Quora is mainly the sharing of insights (including ‘knowledge’), beliefs and points of view.

It’s all about what, and even more importantly who you follow there – interesting people write interesting questions and answers, and vote up answers on other interesting questions. It might take time to discover new people, but use your initial contacts, or even just use Quora’s shuffle function.

I first wrote about Quora a while back, when I first came across it: “The new ‘news’, and how you find it

2) The ‘Higgs Boson’ discovery

Scientists have now discovered a new elementary particle, one that was previously only speculated upon.

Is this the biggest discovery of our lifetimes, or just academic pink elephant? Either way, it makes for some interesting reading, but the trouble is, it would seem that in this case even being a rocket scientist might not be sufficient to really understand what is going.

Thank goodness then for people like Jay Wacker. I’m following Jay Wacker on Quora (see above) – two good questions, to start with (disclosure – I asked the first question!):

It’s widely regarded that this discovery won’t have any practical benefits any time soon, but if nothing else, it’s a joy to increase our understanding of the world we live in.

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  1. OK – good tip! I am now on Quora! Nice work!

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