Links to “Everything is a remix”, by Kirby Ferguson

For a while I’ve been following Kirby Ferguson’s excellent short, 4-part series Everything is a remix. The first part (above) is over two years old now; the last part was completed earlier this year (Kirby’s now moved onto other topics, including “This is not a conspiracy theory“). “Everything is a remix” is beautifully curated/produced, and I wanted to share that further. See below for parts 2 to 4.

The four parts (each approximately 7 minutes long) are:

  1. “The song remains the same” – Introduction, and metaphor of ‘remix’ (from music) for copying of elements of others’ ideas
  2. “Remix Inc.” – Kirby sets his sights on Hollywood movies, and some interesting insights into Star Wars
  3. “The elements of creativity” – And now onto PCs, addressing the blurry boundary between the original and the unoriginal
  4. “System failure” – Discussion of the development of patent laws (to protect ideas) and patent lawsuits (inhibiting innovation?)

I’ve already published a blog post about where ideas come from (Where do ideas come from?), in which I referenced Kirby’s work, and also mentioned similar discussions (eg, Malcolm Gladwell on Steve Jobs).

Below are the links to the other parts. 2-4:




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