Coming soon: ‘Mission (Almost) Completed’

mission_almost_completed_finalArtwork by Arto Heikkinen

Mission (Almost) Completed‘ – a short story by Matthew D. Benson, to be published soon by Fantastic Books Publishing, as part of the ‘Elite Anthology: Tales from the Frontier‘, to accompany the release of the ‘Elite: Dangerous‘ computer game, by Frontier Developments plc.

‘Mission (Almost) Completed’ covers the final stages of Commander Schmidt’s return to the Indaol Space Station after undertaking a mission on behalf of the Alliance Defence Force, and the dialogue between Schmidt and the Indaol Station Controller. Schmidt’s mission was as tough as they come, but unbeknown to him, there are more surprises to come.

I’m so honoured that Arto has prepared the beautiful artwork above for my story – I feel that he’s really captured the central themes of the story, and the emotions of the characters. It’s also a huge honour to be able to officially write in the same ‘Elite’ universe as the late Robert Holdstock, who wrote ‘The Dark Wheel’, which accompanied the original ‘Elite’ game.


Check out this excellent video, by Dan Grubb, of Fantastic Books Publishing (he’s not acting ‘in character’ – this is how he always dresses …), in which he shares some of the amazing artwork by Arto (including the above image) which will be appearing in the forthcoming ‘Elite Anthology: Tales from the Frontier’:

My story, ‘Mission (Almost) Completed’, is discussed at 2 minutes 30 seconds in the video.

The ‘Elite Anthology: Tales from the Frontier’ is a collection of 15 short stories all set in the ‘Elite’ universe (see my post ‘To be Elite‘) – ‘Mission (Almost) Completed’ will be one of these stories. The Anthology is being published by Fantastic Books Publishing, and will be available in hardback, paperback, eBook, and audiobook formats.

As an author of one of the stories I’ve had the chance to see early drafts of the stories written by the other 14 authors – they really are excellent, covering a variety of writing styles and topics. I can’t wait to see the final versions, in their published format.

For further information, the ‘Elite Anthology: Tales from the Frontier’ there is a website (click here), with summaries of each story, and the authors behind them.

The developments taking us to this point in time are also quite amazing, involving three separate crowd-funding projects (the ‘Elite: Dangerous‘ computer game, the ‘Elite Anthology: Tales from the Frontier‘, and ‘Official Elite fiction release in audio and print format‘).

Finally, a beautiful piece of animation by Ramon Marett, one of the authors of ‘Elite Anthology : Tales from the Frontier’:

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  1. eBook launch date is 30 May 2014 (just over a week away from now!).

    Cover art is finalized also:

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