An amazing (“amaz[on]ing”) customer service experience

This morning (Sunday morning, ca. 7.30am my time, middle of the night in the U.S.A.), I went onto‘s website, to follow up on a question that I had about my Kindle (an eBook reader device that I had purchased from The process was slightly different to what I was expecting, and also different to what I had experienced with Amazon in the past. More to the point, it left me quite amazed – I’ve never experienced such a high quality customer service response before.

In the past I remember even struggling to find a telephone number or email address on the Amazon site, in order to contact them with a customer service matter. While I found a telephone number this time,  I turned out that I didn’t need it; Amazon called me.

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Shop owners should not forget, that Amazon Remembers


I purchased some books on earlier today, and came across an advertisement for Amazon’s new iPhone ‘app’ (application, for dowload onto the iPhone), and what it calls “Amazon Remembers”.

In summary, what Amazon Remembers allows you to do is to take a photo of an object/product, and store it in your Amazon profile as a reminder for you to later purchase the object/product on Amazon (if Amazon sells it of course, but nowadays Amazon’s store offering (categories of products) is almost as broad as a department store in a large shopping mall, and usually deeper (with regards to the product offering in a category). It addresses the “I’d really like one of those – I wonder where I can get one” moments in life.

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