My Déjà Vu MBA experience yesterday …


So, yesterday (Wednesday September 2, 2009) I was on a flight from Hamburg to Frankfurt am Main, and I was reading the Financial Times (paper version).  On pages 16-17, Companies and Markets section, three news stories caught my eye (all on the same double-spread page), as well as a further story on page 14:

  • “Skype set to carve a future of its own” (page 16)
  • “Marvel’s illusive ‘Ike’ is a key character” (page 16)
  • “Boeing shakes up Dreamliner team leadership” (page 17)
  • “Bankruptcy blow for SkyEurope” (page 14)

Apart from appearing in the same newspaper on the same day, these stories appear to have little connection. Except, for me they do.

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