Reflecting on the Noughties – a decade of “reckless consumption”?

In response to an article written by Nick Coleman in the current issue (Volume 3, Issue 1, Autumn 2009) of The Economist’s “Intelligent Life” magazine (which, by the way, I find to generally be a very good read).

iStock_000004652423XSmallThe article by Nick Coleman, titled ‘The i-Decade‘, talks about what styles and items have defined the past 10 years, with the end of the decade almost upon us.

Responses were collected from various people, and while diverse views were presented, ranging from electronics to fashion, from social media to cars, and handbags to cycling, a common theme mentioned by many commentators focused on an observation of an increase in consumption and consumerism. This was defined by one particular commentator as ‘reckless consumption‘.

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Interest based ads – what you should know that Google knows about you!


Interest based ads (advertisements) are advertisements that appear on pages that you are browsing on, in the internet, which are specifically selected to be relevant to your interests. This means that Google is tracking some information about you, in order to prioritize the adverts you personally see (other people will see different ads).

According to Google, there is no need to worry about ‘big brother’ tendancies, since (i) you can opt out, and (ii) no personal information (identity details, bank details, etc.) is recorded.

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