Running splits (10km, half marathon, marathon)

As part of my running training, I wanted some simple information on different running splits for different distances – I’m sure there are various sources for this on the web, but didn’t find anything quite summarised the way I wanted, so I decided just to post to my own blog, here.

Above, is a short summary, with overall time for selected paces at each distance – more complete details for each distance are set out below, in the remainder of this post.  Feel free to make suggestions for alternative/additional details or different presentation.

My last blog post on running was “Hints and tips before your first marathon“.

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Hints and tips before your first marathon


First up, these thoughts came to me after my first (and so far only) marathon (last year, Frankfurt marathon: 3:43.36). I don’t claim to be an expert in marathon running, nor are the ideas below guaranteed to work for everyone – they are things that I did (and sometimes didn’t do) that I felt resulted in me completing the marathon inside my goal (sub-4 hours) without too much pain (or at least, I survived).

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Marathon running


It’s a bit late for me to make my first posting about running.  Last year I started training for the Frankfurt marathon, and completed the marathon (3:43.36) on 26 October.

I hadn’t planned entering the marathon, but was cornered by two friends at Liz Powell’s birthday BBQ party who had signed up that day and suggested I join them.  Being rather out of shape after having recently completed my MBA I decided that it was indeed the right thing to do (the few beers I’d had that evening already helped with the decision making …).

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