Mini-disco in Spain/Canaries – favourite songs and dances

thumbnailThis year we spent vacation in Gran Canaria and Tenerife. For us the choice was largely driven by the Canaries having sun and warmth at times of the year (April and October respectively) when most other beach/sun holiday locations that are within sensible travel are cooler.  It did however introduce us to the world of ‘Mini-disco’, which our children (aged 3 and half, and 20 months) both loved.

‘Mini-disco’ typically consists of children’s songs (the sort that you might typically have heard at children’s birthday parties).  Groups of children then often dance, sometimes on a stage, in rhythm with each other (or not!), sometimes led through a dance routine by an adult.  The ages of the children can vary from toddlers who have barely begun to walk, almost up to teenagers.

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