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You’ve heard of it.  You love it.  You hate it.  It’s like marmite.  If you want to criticize it, try it first.  My view: fun, addictive, boring to others?  do I care? do I have the energy/desire/time to continue to tweet?  time will tell.


Here I am.


Again, here I am (at work).


Where I do my email when I’m not at home using IMAP.


Far better organised than YouTube, better videos, and frankly, better users (the user comments are always so much smarter on Vimeo than what you find on YouTube).


You don’t know?  It’s all here.  Except some of the most important answers … where did I put my car keys?

Frankfurt International movie Listing

What’s on at the English cinema in Frankfurt this week?

Weather (Frankfurt am Main)

Can I go running in the sunshine?


The news.

The best source of independent financial news.

2 Responses

  1. Cool blog.

    What’s IMAP?

    • Thanks. To quote Wikipedia:

      “Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is one of the two most prevalent Internet standard protocols for e-mail retrieval, the other being the Post Office Protocol. Virtually all modern e-mail clients and mail servers support both protocols as a means of transferring e-mail messages from a server, such as those used by [AOL], to a client, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, KMail, Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook.”

      Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) does the same for sending emails.

      In summary, they mean that I can read, write, store, and send emails, when either online or offline, from my laptop. I use Apple Mail. I don’t need to go to the website, and can save emails directly on my hard-drive.

      This has two particular benefits: (1) piece of mind that I have a local copy of my emails (I’m not ready to fully trust ‘cloud computing’!), and (2) include the emails in any searches that I run on my computer (this works particularly well on Apple/Mac).

      Of course if I’m away from home without my laptop I still have access where I can send/receive emails.

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